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I am a lecturer (equivalent to assistant professor) in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University.  I teach in the Digital Media and Interaction Design subject area and research in the Centre for Interaction Design.

My research centres on digital technology and the arts, both as a medium within creative practice and as a tool for engaging with arts collections.  My work centres around Digital Storytelling and Physical Computing and where these two subjects meet.  I am particularly interested in the boundary between the real and the virtual.


I make working interactive products that help expose our relationship with technology.  I also work with organisations creating bespoke interactive experiences.

I was a BT apprentice. BT sent me to college on day release and I got into University where I gained a BSc Computer Science and Management Studies.
I was a publisher.  During my final year at University, I started a publishing company. We founded 2 magazines; The Lock and Sleaze Nation. Sleaze Nation was considered to be very successful.
I was a hipster. I spent the late nineties starting various digital projects that had very short lives, DJing badly and generally being a stereotypical Shoreditch type.
I was a retailer. I was recruited by Urban Outfitters when they first started in Europe and worked there for some time.
I started a family.
I studied again.  I studied an MA in Digital Media at London Metropolitan University who then gave me teaching work.
I worked in a prison.  My first teaching job was showing women prisoners who had never seen the Internet how to build web sites.
Now I'm a lecturer.  I have a PhD titled Appropriating Interaction.
I currently lead the modules Digital Storytelling, Creative Technology, Responsive Environments and 60 credit honours project.